Joseph “Joe” Alexander Webber

Born: 27 March 1913 at Rosenfeld, Manitoba
Married: Lillian May Scott 13 March 1936 at Calgary, Alberta 
13 May 1944 (age 31) at Koxsijde, West Flanders, Belgium
Adegem Canadian War Cemetery, Adegem, Belgium
Family Tree:
 Joseph Alexander Weber in Family Genes
: Jim Benedict

The Early Years

My mother’s maiden name was Sarah Isabella Acheson, was born in Clinton, Ontario, she came from a family of four girls and three boys.  My grandfather, Alexander Acheson, a teacher, founded the village of Rosenfeld, Manitoba in 1892.  In 1910, Rosenfeld chose all the streets  to be named after members of the Acheson family.

Family Genes