Sarah Bradin Miller

Born: 3 Dec 1853 at Ellice twp., Ontario, Canada

7 Aug 1877 to Alexander Acheson at Donegal, Perth county, Ontario, Canada

17 Feb 1919 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Morris Cemetery, Manitoba, Canada

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Contributor: Jim Benedict

Sarah’s Early Years

Sarah and Alexander

Known Children (with Alexander):

  • Joseph Alexander 1878-1955
  • Sarah Isabella 1879-1953
  • Mary Jane 1881-1926
  • Samuel James 1851-1926
  • Weir Henry 1884-1916
  • Ethel Maud 1886-1974
  • Florence Gertrude 1888-1987
  • Alexander John 1891-1972

The Rosenfeld Store

Sarah’s Final Years

From Gert Lawrie’s personal memories:1
My first and last memory of the spirited little lady was sad. Grandfather Acheson had died years earlier and the war had scattered her family and brought depression to Rosenfeld. The store had been rented, the house sold, and there was Grandma just off the streets of Winnipeg with one little black suitcase. She was desperately in need of a place of comfort to spend her last days. Her previous fight with Dad had caused us to leave Rosenfeld, but she knew her oldest daughter had a loving heart. Now at her back door, with nowhere to go, she asked if she could stay a night or two. She was welcomed instantly. Here was Grandma’s daughter with the most problems, the largest family and the least resources, helping the most in her hour of need.

Little Grandma Sarah [Miller] Acheson never got out of the bed our grandmother gently tucked her into that day. A few weeks later, we children were suddenly sent to a neighbour’s across the street.  Our father nailed a broad black ribbon on the door, and later strangers in black suits came and loaded a coffin into a long dark car. When we returned home, the small spare room where she had stayed smelt faintly of lavender perfume. But our gentle little grandmother was gone. Her coming to our back door still remains in my childhood memory, and though I hardly knew her, I missed her soft smile whenever I peeked into her room.

  1. Who’s That Sitting in our Family Tree?  Narrator: Gertrude  [Webber] Lawrie; private pub. 1988; pp. 47 []
Family Genes